All pricing is based on the amount of server hard drive your compressed and backed up files take.

The compression routine in the software on the client side will compress the files so that they're 1/2 to 1/4 of their original size before they are transmitted to the backup server.

If your space used crosses from 1 pricing category to the next, up or down, your monthly billing will be automatically changed to reflect the pricing for that category.

Server Space Per Month
up to 200 MB $14.95
201 - 500 MB 24.95
501 - 1 GB 34.95
1 GB - 2 GB 44.95
>2 GB +$10.00 / GB

We will copy your files to CDs or DVDs if you request us to:

3 CD's or 1 4.7 GB DVD $24.95
Each Additional CD 7.00
Each Additional DVD 19.95
Each 8.5 GB DL DVD $44.95


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